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Your complete guide to understanding car accident chiropractic care. Who pays for treatment, benefits, and why we recommend an integrated care approach.

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Understand Your Treatment Options Following a Car Accident Injury
Understand Your Treatment Options Following a Car Accident Injury

Seeking care through a specialized car accident chiropractor after an auto accident is important.  Not only are you more likely to be able to take advantage of your state of Oregon $15,000 personal injury benefit, but early therapeutic intervention results in pain reduction, restoration of movement and lessons healing time.

This guide will help you:

  • understand whether to use your health or auto insurance to see a car accident chiropractor,
  • determine if you need pre-approval, 
  • find out why integrated chiropractic care results in better outcomes than treatment offered by primary care physicians, and
  • calculate how many visits are covered (our patients are always surprised at how much treatment their insurance covers)

Team Rehab offers complete rehabilitative care for patients in the Portland, Clackamas, and Tualatin areas.

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What’s the Difference Between a Car Accident Chiropractor and Treatment Through My Primary Care Physician?

Your primary medical doctor or physician will often manage your condition with rest, immobilization (wearing a collar to limit movement) and medication, which is not necessarily the best way to manage you condition. 

This type of treatment can create long term issues. Patients often experience chronic problems with a stiff, sore neck that is not functional and lacks the appropriate range of motion.

With our integrated chiropractic care, your chiropractic auto accident care can include the following types of treatment to provide the best changes of healing:

a car accident chiropractor can help store movement and functionality and eliminate pain
  • Massage
  • Stretching
  • Mobilization
  • Manipulation

Seek Treatment Early

We recommend patients seek care immediately following an accident.  Often, symptoms occur immediately and worsen over the course of the week.

But sometimes, symptoms don’t show up for 3-4 days following an accident and can worsen over the course of the week.  

When you’ve been in an accident, it’s important to get evaluated in case treatment is needed.  Early intervention can lessen the impact of the severity of symptoms.

Do Insurance Companies Pay For Car Accident Chiropractors?

Yes.  Most patients don’t realize that their care is billed through their auto insurance, NOT their health insurance.  

To use this benefit, complete a personal injury protection form through your insurance company or agent. Many insurance companies have these forms available to you online.   You can also find the personal injury protection forms at the DMV.  

As part of our service to patients, we help you obtain and complete your application.

What Is Personal Injury Protection? Learn More About Personal Injury Protection Benefits

Do I Need Pre-Approval From My Insurance Company?

You do not need pre-approval.  Once you complete the personal injury protection form, any bills would be covered under your personal injury benefit through your auto insurance.

You can even schedule an appointment before you complete your insurance form.  We will evaluate you, determine the best course of treatment, and make sure you have your application submitted before continuing on with additional treatment. 

How Much Chiropractic Care Would I Qualify For Following an Auto Accident?

The normal personal injury benefit for the State of Oregon is a minimum of 15,000 per accident  Within your specific policy you may have an even increased benefit.

How Long Do You Have to Claim An Injury From a Car Accident?

In the state of Oregon, the normal benefit is 15,000 and an individual has up to two years to use that benefit.  We have found that if patients do not use their benefit in the first couple of months following an accident, they are less likely to qualify because the auto insurance company is more likely to challenge whether the injury is related to the accident if a patient waits too long before seeking treatment. 

user your oregon personal injury benefit for chiropractic care

Chiropractic Care For Auto Injuries – FAQ’s

Should You Go To a Chiropractor For Whiplash?

Whiplash is a condition that occurs when the head and neck get jolted in such a way that it sprains ligaments and strains muscles in the neck, head, and upper back.Chiropractic care can treat whiplash effectively. The combination of massage, mobilization and manipulation can therapeutically restore normal range of movement and help eliminate pain and swelling naturally.

Who Should Not Use Chiropractic Care?

If an individual is experiencing disk issues following an auto accident, we likely would not recommend chiropractic care as the best treatment option. During the evaluation, we look for signs and symptoms of disk issues and if those are present, we recommend a course of treatment based on your specific case.

What if the Accident Was My Fault?

Everyone is entitled to use their personal injury benefit without penalty from their insurance company.One of the most common questions our patients ask us is whether their insurance premiums will increase if they use their personal injury benefit.  Patients are entitled to use their benefit even if the accident was your fault. Your premium will most likely not increase.Everyone is entitled to use their personal injury benefit without being penalized.

How Long Should I See a Chiropractor?

The length of treatment we recommend varies based on your specific situation.  Factors we take into consideration include:
Your age

  • Pre-Injury health,
  • Fitness of your spine, back and neck,
  • The severity of the accident
  • The severity of the trauma experienced

Sometimes our patients can achieve results within weeks while others may need longer treatment for maximum recovery of mobility and pain reduction.

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