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Team Rehab Offers Physical Therapy Consults

Physical therapy can help you feel better. But most people don’t know how to access physical therapy or understand how it actually works. The great thing about physical therapy is it’s a safe alternative to address pain without the use of pharmaceuticals and addresses the root cause of issues through a specific treatment plan just for you.

Accessing physical therapy can be confusing. In the past you needed a prescription from a doctor, but today every state in the U.S. allows patients to now receive a few visits of PT without a prescription.

So, if you think you could benefit from physical therapy, here’s what you do:

  • A complimentary consult is an opportunity to have an informative conversation about your symptoms with a clinical professional and to provide more insights on the benefits of physical therapy specific to your symptoms or condition
  • The clinical staff will ask questions and collect some background information which should only take a few minutes
  • After the consult, our clinical professional will discuss possible options and determine if physical therapy is a right fit for you and your symptoms
  • There’s no commitment with a complimentary consult
  • Consults are 10 minutes in length and can take place over the phone or in person

Don’t waste anymore time and start your journey to a healthier life today!