Chiropractic Physician, Athletic Trainer Certified

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Team Rehab of Bridgeport
17400 SW Upper Boones Ferry Rd #280
Durham, OR 97224

Clinic Manager


  • Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician (CCSP©), June 2016, American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians
  • Doctor of Chiropractic, 2015: University of Western States, Portland, OR
  • Bachelor of Science, in Human Biology, 2015: University of Western States, Portland, OR
  • Bachelor of Science, Athletic Training, 2011: New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM

Methods of Practice:

Dr. Zabst also holds a license in Athletic Training and integrates his style of practice to improve the function of the joints in the athletic population. He utilizes many gentle and effective methods of adjusting including diversified, drop table, and a light force technique using the arthrostim tool.

Work Experience

Dr. Zabst was an Athletic Trainer for Simi Valley High School for the varsity football, basketball and wrestling teams. Prior to joining Gateway Sports Medicine, Kyle was working with a physical therapist and a chiropractor in California.

Special Interests

Dr. Zabst’s areas of expertise lie in injury rehabilitation and prevention. Patients appreciate his relaxed but professional demeanor.


When not at the clinic, Dr. Zabst enjoys playing a round of golf, running, and working out. He also enjoys going to the ranch and working with horses and other animals.

Team Rehab of Bridgeport
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Olivia Wilson
Olivia Wilson
17:04 16 Apr 20
This place is AWFUL! They do a full BAIT&SWITCH using 24 Hour Fitness as one of many gyms to set up a sales table at.... When talking about their services they state that they offer more then physical therapy such as massage and chiropractic services. Per my personal trainer at 24 Hour Fitness I went here for a chiropractic adjustment to help with my shoulder winging and hip shifting. I had been working with my trainer for almost a year and we had both issues almost corrected I just needed a simple adjustment to move forward with our work. My insurance fully covers chiropractic with a $35 copay. I scheduled the appt. and was looking forward to it. When I got there the front desk was less then helpful. After waiting in the lobby for 20min she asked to go in the back to discuss my ins. I told her I already checked and chiropractic was covered, she pointed out that it is a $35 copay and I told her I was aware. Once back up front I had to sign normal documents allowing them to touch me and see me. After this I wanted to put my co pay before my appt. the receptionist would not let me she said they have to bill it to ins first then I pay my co pay. Next I was taken in a room with two women(still have no idea what they do) who talked with me for 15min I told them everything I had been working on with my trainer showed them my shoulder winging and hip shift and let them know I was there for chiropractic only per my trainer. They informed me they would not have time for chiropractic that day(which is weird cause that’s what I was scheduled for) but fine. These ladies then said they wanted to have the massage person come in to run the shoulder that was winging see if that might help adjust it. This person was in there for all of 5min so my appt was 20min in total. It didn’t help with I knew it wouldn’t cause I stretch and do mobility exercises all the time. Then they tell me I need to strengthen my core? NO ONE listened to my needs or what I was actually there for. I was working on my mobility and strengthening with my trainer who recommended this place...I let me trainer know I would never go back to this place again and that it was an awful visit. After this I did not go back however they continued to call and text me to make an appt even though I asked MULTIPLE times to no be contacted! Apparently this company does not know what DNC means. Fast forward months later I get a bill in the mail for over $200!?!? For a 20min appt that wasn’t what I even went there for. I would like to point out that my significant other did not have insurance and had used this company for chiropractic and massage and only paid $45 each visit that lasted 30-45min. They completely scammed me!! And my insurance as well. I have requested multiple times to speak with a manager and my request has been ignored over and over again. Their billing lady just keeps resending my “invoice” requesting payment even though I was told my payment was dropped to the $35 co pay by someone else in billing due to them not providing the correct services and my awful experience. I am now not being able to speak with a manager or the person in billing who corrected my payment. This is a completely unethical company and I would not go more
Zion Kim
Zion Kim
20:40 05 Nov 19
Awesome place and friendly team! I came in feeling like a cripple and they helped me recover! The buff dude that helped... me, sorry I forgot your name, was amazing never thought I would enjoy a dude rubbing my back but it was cool and he thought me some righteous workout tips all about them gains! I also saw Shelia she showed me some pretty neat stretches! Thank you!read more
Patricia Forrest
Patricia Forrest
17:40 23 Oct 19
Both my daughter and I received Rehab after an accident @ Team Rehab of Bridgeport. Both of us can honestly say that we... loved our experience here. The staff were kind, courteous and responsive to our needs. If we ever need rehab again, this is where we will go!read more
Keela Johnson
Keela Johnson
01:03 24 Aug 19
Every staff member is so personable and professional. Not only did they make my body feel better, they also explained... everything they were doing so I could be informed enough to ask questions. They also gave me some really cool exercises that I will continue to use after my treatment. I am so thankful to the Team Rehab Bridgeport team. They are totally awesome🥰read more
23:18 19 Aug 19
Great place for recovery honestly have to say EVERYONE should be named from receptionist to chiropractors and message... therapist in this review they have been very helpful and patient with my injury I’m internally thankful would definitely recommend this place Thank youread more
Sarah Dumas
Sarah Dumas
04:05 16 Aug 19
My experience at Team Rehab of Bridgeport has been nothing short of transformative. They truly are a team dedicated to... understanding and healing the injuries with which they are presented. I am consistently impressed with the level of active listening and open communication that each team member presents in our therapy sessions. I feel like they know my injury and have made a high efforts to understand my goals to ensure the best possible outcome in my healing process. Team Rehab of Bridgeport is staffed with valuable employees I am lucky to have been referred to. When it comes to healing the body, I only trust the highest of professionals. Team Rehab continues to prove to me why I choose to trust them: they really are simply the more
Mona St. Clair
Mona St. Clair
16:31 09 Feb 19
I was referred to Team Rehab after severely injuring my foot. The referral came from one of the top physical... therapists in the SW Metro Area who now manages a team of physical therapists for a clinic that does not take my insurance. This fact alone speaks volumes.Thanks to Kevin and the Team's hard work, I am much improved and walking again! They have done an excellent job identifying where to focus treatment in order to maximize my progress. They have my highest recommendation!!read more
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